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Rodney Pammenter

Rocket Rodney Pammenter began racing at the drags in a turbo 6 cylinder EH in 1990. In 1994 he won the Performance Streetcar Shootout in Sydney, and in 1995 was runner-up in this same event. In 1996 Rodney was convinced by then girlfriend Cathy to give speedway a go, so he returned the EH to his Dad who has since restored the car to its original glory.

Rodney, unwillingly at first, joined the Burke family in their heavy involvement in speedway. Father-in-law Bryan a champion in his day, and brother-in-law Matthew a Sprint Sedan champion at that time. Matthew kept with family tradition and raced under his father's number 82.

Cathy's first race in 1993 was in a number 8 torana and so #8 was chosen to be added to the side of Rodney's new torana which he raced in the lower division of club cars for 2 seasons.

He then moved up into Sprint Sedans in a VL commodore which he raced for 2 seasons, before giving this car to wife Cathy and purchasing Graham Erhart's ex Modified Production VN commodore. This car was originally Harry Brazier's Modified Production, before passing into the hands of Peter Jacobson, who won the 1997 Australian Title in it. Graham Erhart then owned the car for a short while until methanol was ruled out of V6's in Modified Production, making way for Rodney to purchase the car and turn it into a Sprint Sedan. It was in this car that Rodney won many titles and championships.

In 2000/01 Rodney first campaigned his VN commodore in Sprint Sedans and, with Cathy in his old car he added #28 to the team. This season proved to be very successful with Rodney winning the seasonal pointscore in Sprint Sedans, and Cathy winning the seasonal pointscore for both the Division 2 and the Ladies classes.

The team then cut back to one car with the arrival of the new pit crew, Mitchell & Mason. Rodney then concentrated on his Sprint Sedan winning back-to-back Australian Outlaw Titles in Mackay in 2003 and 2004, the Australian Title for East Coast A-grade in 2004 as well as numerous club seasonal pointscores and championships.

Australian Outlaw 2003 & 2004 Title Holder

At the end of season 2004/2005 Rocket Rodney Pammenter made the decision to step up from the local club car ranks and join a national class, so he sold the Sprint Sedan that he had competed in for a number of seasons to make the move to Modified Production.

Once the Sprint Sedan was sold he spent the 2005/2006 season building a VS Commodore to run in the Modified Production class.

The big task of building a car from scratch, along with a new division to compete in, and a new level of competition presented Rodney with a new challange. A challenge that proved to be very exciting.

The first season in the new class got off to a disasterous start with the brand new car almost destroyed in a big roll-over at Brisbane International Speedway in only it's 2nd ever outing. But, not to be deterred, the car was rebuilt and the season ended well with a lot of learning done throughout the season. There were engine hurdles along the way, but all-in-all, there has been lots of travelling and more importantly, lots of fun over the past few seasons in Modified Production.

2009/2010 season saw Cathy again ready to hop in the driver's seat and had a few runs in the VS at local club shows.

At the start of the 2010/2011 season, the ex-Andrew Blackwell's Aust #1 went up for sale and after careful consideration into the time and resources it would require to build something similar, although RCP Machining specialises in race car fabrication, the decision was made to purchase the VZ ready to race. Cathy inherited the VS and Rocket8Racing again became a 2-car team.

Both cars competed at all the locals meetings along with a few trips to Maryborough & Kingaroy for 2 seasons before a back injury saw Cathy having to take an extended break from racing.

2012/2013 Saw eldest son Mitchell turn 10 and join the ASCF Junior ranks in a Datsun Sunny.

2013/2014 Saw youngest son Mason turn 10 and join the ASCF Junior ranks in a Diahatsu Charade.